How does magic mushrooms affect sz symptoms?

I am on zyprexa for hearing voices and it seems to be working at 10mg.

Would mushrooms worsen my symptoms or bring them back? I know marijuana has a history of doing that so I’m staying away from all the legal weed.

I would think any hallucinogen would worsen or bring on symptoms. Best to avoid.


How are your voices now? Is it completely silent or do you still hear faint voices?

Mushrooms are worse. First of all they don’t mix with meds. Most meds will block shrooms and cause a terrible reaction instead. I had to suffer for years because of mixing abilify with mushrooms . If I were off meds, mushrooms would just make me more psychotic. But can’t stop meds anymore, because mushrooms messed me up bad. I can’t suggest mushrooms to szs

But it’s good you checked in with us before proceeding with the mushrooms :mushroom: :v:

Good luck man

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Psychedelics don’t mix well with sz.


I can feel them around me but its silent. I have hypnogogic voices when I sleep.

Ive done mushrooms a hand full of times but antipsychotics make if hard or even impossible to trip. I took a very very high amount but bc of my meds it barelt affected me. If youre going to do it then make sure you arein a safe and calm enviornment. I had my friend trip sit to make sure but you definitely have to be careful because it could make it worse.

Careful with consuming any hallucinogen, as it can induce delirium.

No one wants that.

Yeah, like the posters above said, I wouldn’t recommend taking them either. I ate a cut last year and all I got from it was a mild euphoria/hypomania for a couple hours and then a couple hours of paranoia. No visuals at all. Its the first time I tried them since I’ve been on an AP and I basically threw my money away.

I’ve done them several times while on APs and they never work properly.

Its best just to avoid drugs while on APs.

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I don’t ever want to trip again…done too much already , no curiosity or yearning at all to trip again…

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