How does Haldol (Haloperidol) affect your mood?


Do you feel less angry? More angry? Less / more enjoyment? Less / more socially graceful?’

Also, feel free to post your experiences.

  • I feel more angry
  • I feel less angry
  • I feel more enjoyment
  • I feel less enjoyment
  • I feel more socially graceful
  • I feel less socially graceful

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I was a little wild on it. But it was semi sedating and pills can be taken prn on top of it. I got movement sides from it though. Well i will add this too. At the time i was super inspired to work out a lot more and did.


Haldol always made me feel nothing but bad.


It helped my psychotic symptoms some, but it didn’t change my mood as far as I’m aware.


Are you consdering asking your pdoc for haldol?


Well…it depends on whether im psychotic off the haldol or not. Comparing non-delusional & off haldol and non-delusional on haldol…

Id say im most definitely more depressed and blunted, so less enjoyment. I suspect im also a bit more temperamental off haldol.

What do you mean with socially graceful?


@TheCircleOfFifths yes, I feel that I need low-dose Haldol to finish off what remains of my symptoms, and to reduce my headache which is its off-label use.

@Marian, Social grace is the ability to function in a social setting. So, are there less intrusive thoughts and do you feel less “weird” around others with Haldol?


Haldol increases my anxiety. I think it’s because of the akithisia though.


I was flat the whole time I was on that drug