How does clonazepam make you feel?

How does clonazepam make you feel? When I take it, it makes me feel jittery and anxious. I don’t know if I’m just imagining this. Only when I take the other dosage do I feel relief.

It made me feel calm and relaxed, in a subtle way. I’m off it now, (I decided to come off it myself), but could really do with one right now!

this is klonopin?

Yes it is klonopin.

When i was taking klonopin, it was mostly for sleep. have since replaced this with phenibut

Klonopin is supposed to relax and calm you, not the other way around. You’re doing it wrong.

Hi Sooner88,
How am i taking clonazepam the wrong way?

Yes, i understand that taking it is supposed to make me feel calm and relaxed but if it makes me feel the opposite.

I take it for my anxiety when i forsee them. But it might aggravate them. I don’t know should i stop taking them?

I take 0.5mg a day.

If it’s not helping your anxiety there’s no therapeutic reason to continue taking them.

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When i took them before when i thought i would be anxious, taking them helped prevent an anxiety attack, now i think they be triggering this feeling i am very confused.

There’s no harm in stopping the Klonopin as long as you haven’t been taking a lot for a long time (addicted/tolerant). If you’re taking a small dose as needed, you could try to stop taking it. But you should definitely talk to your doctor about that because Klonopin should never cause you anxiety.

Your anxiety might be escalating.
Maybe 0.5mg is not enough.

Talk it over with your pdoc.