How does cbt work

does it inj any way get on top of voices

It helps you identify triggers for why you hear voices. We do a diary card in IOP CBT and rate our emotions for the day. under “other” I would put “Hearing voices” if I were hearing voices and rate the level of intensity for the day. Then I would compare it with my other emotions and try to find the trigger for why I hear voices. That’s how it would help. There are different types of CBT though but I’ve only done the diary cards and share it with the group and therapist and they give you feedback. I love CBT.

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this past Monday I was at the dentist and had to get a tooth removed. I was covered for the procedure by my government issued medical card. But my voices made me pay cash €80 for the procedure. I had to pay out of my own personal money. Now Im broke. €80 down and I have to go to the dentist on Friday too.

You basically just get to have some discussion time with a real person about your situation, in my case it is fairly non-judgmental. My psychotherapist is more of a motivater than anything, and it’s odd b/c my motivation level was through the roof prior to SZ.

Does it help me get on top of the voices? I’m already coped to the gills with figuring out voices. It’s the visuals I can’t seem to figure out, plus the pain & agonizing feel of the left-hemisphere in the brain.

What is IOP and CBT? turning the page

IOP is intensive outpatient program. It’s temporary therapy where you go three times a week to a group and discuss your problems. Mine is three hours long. Three groups with two breaks in between. I’m there more for alcohol and drug treatment this time around but mental health discussion is always welcomed. CBT is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I know less about this than IOP but I know that’s what it stands for and in my case we use diary cards to rate our emotions and go around the room and share how we’re feeling on that day and get feedback from the therapist for it.

I was in one of those a few years back like and inpatient on an outpatient bases but no rate card on my emotions but that sounded interesting to me to be able to try to pinpoint what would cause the unwanted stimuli to occur but i had to go five days a week and for a month to discuss in a group my plan on how to improve my situation at that time I was going to be released from inpatient. Otherwise they would keep me in.

You were probably in a PHP (Partial hospitalization Program). It’s a little more intense than an IOP. And then they have OP which is one night a week. And then just regular therapy.

Your right I just could not remember the term they used . It was in 2 009. Turningthepage Now I go to support group every Wednesday morning prn.

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