How do you wind down?

Thank you everyone!

@77nick77, thank you, and keep it up!

@mortimermouse I will be a full time student as of October, I’m doing two courses, one is distance learning, the other physical :blush: !

@shellys12 I used to do loads, until my concentration got bad, I was thinking of making it a regular thing like body scan and controlled breathing or breath awareness. Thank you for your suggestion.

@SurprisedJ I may get some nature sounds! I do love a bath! I would love to have a open space of water near me, I’d love to hear the lapping water against the shore :slight_smile: , thank you for your reply!

@Csummersx, I like your idea a lot! Thank you for sharing.

To those I haven’t quoted, it doesn’t mean your reply means any less; any reply I get I take into account and means a lot :blush:, I appreciate them!

It seems music is a key theme, maybe I need to look through my music selection and chose something calming for me!

Take care everyone,