How do you wind down?

After a busy day, particularly if I’ve put myself in a situation that’s stressful for me; I get very wired and my thoughts zoom all about my OCD takes hold if I’ve put myself in a lot of social situations, I think about every minute detail.

I get so wired that it’s hard to sleep despite being physically exhausted.

So how do you wind down? I need it most after college.

I’ve thought of swimming but I’d have to hang around after college before I can go, some meditation, when I get home?

I haven’t thought of much else, just thought I’d get some ideas from you wonderful people?

Anything, I’m willing to try whatever, nothing is silly or too much, I’d love to hear it!

I hope your day has allowed you to cope as best you can,
Take care,


After work I am usually wound up but tired too. I usually come home straighten my little studio do any dishes left over from breakfast and then relax in my rocking chair with a good stiff drink–of lemonade or orange juice. Or a diet soda. NO alcohol for me.


i think mostly i put on some music on my record player and lie down on my couch with a cup of tea and my computer, if its been a hard day i will just go and have a lie down in bed and try for a nap.

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Listen to music and play around on my computer for a bit. Helps unwind big time.

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I lie on my bed with a fan or a breeze blowing and let my mind go until it’s wound down. .


I play Soldat

ive taken up Chinese cookery I went to a charity shop the other day and I found a ken hom wok for 1 pound !
I like yoga and hypnosis aswell as walking my dog.

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i listen to massive attack…‘heligo land’…mellows me right out…
take care

I put on some ambient music, sit and soak in the tub, drink tea put on pjs and sign in here


Star the day with a walk
Have you tried mindfulness relaxation and meditation.

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To wind down… I also go for a bath with nature meditation sounds on… like gentle rain, night in a forest… that sort of stuff.

When I do that I make sure to turn off the phone… or any other electronics that can be loud or annoying.

During the day… I also go for a walk in a nice park and find a quite place off the main path and sit and breathe. Sometimes I go fishing… I’m out on the pier, it’s relaxing, I can watch the sun set. I might not catch anything, but it’s a nice way to quietly ponder.

herbal tea, dim lights…

If there is something that is amping up and I just don’t want to lay it on my sis or anyone else… I’ll write it out and get it out of my head then I can work on getting the residual out of my skin.

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I dont have one method of winding down that helps me - If I get wound up or stressed out and I am way from Home, usually I will wind down naturally after a while when I am back Home - I try to distract myself to wind down - go on the computer, watch TV, listen to music, walk the dog - there are lots of ways to wind down - sometimes its as simple as taking a small amount of extra Klonopin

I sit down with a cup of coffee and a few biscuits and either a good book or the company of my husband. Or go to the beach and watch the sea waves :smiley:

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What is a biscuit in your country?

Hi Dante~**
Every night after work, i feed my cats, wash my face, put on some clean jammies, have some hot tea with a chocolate bar, do a little knitting, get into bed and read with the cats on the bed with me. Then fall asleep. Turn the phone off, and have a fan blowing. Works every night!

Im trying to get the details- are you a full time student or part time, working as well, whats up? And I wind down by reading or watching entertainment, browsing these forums which are never exactly dull, talking to friends, having a drink, whatever, then showering and going to bed. I always watch youtube on my phone in bed, I watch howtobasic videos and laugh my ass off. Here’s howtobasic

I also am on a handful of tranquilizers so that should be noted. lol

i play on this forum. taking melatonin helps they sell it at walgreens

Its the same as what Americans call cookies. Hard, crunchy, baked, appetising treats. I like the ones with jam in the centre, or dipped in chocolate. I like rusks too, they are harder than biscuits and look like slivers of rock hard bread, when you dip them in coffee or tea, they go soft and nice to eat.

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If I’m agitated and it’s late, I go for a walk-more like a stomp-around the neighborhood, up one street and down another sometimes walking in circles stopping only to pet the friendly cats waiting on the sidewalk.
I will walk until I’ve had enough.
If I can’t walk, then I shred a basket of junk mail into tiny pieces, or cut everything in a garbage can into bite-sized chunks. Careful of all the blisters on the fingers, looks ugly and takes ages to go away, but what the heck, war wounds.

If I feel like I need to unwind I play either the Doors or The Rolling Stones. Familiarity I think is what it is with those two bands. Calming. I have a lot of mellow music I listen to like Elton John, Ladytron, Dan Fogelberg, Al Stewart. etc. A cigarette also helps me unwind but I am seriously thinking of switching to vape.