How do you treat your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?


It’s a prescription medication also available without prescription online as it is also a nootropic.


Oh something I’m going to try is neurofeedback. I already wanted to try that before, but now I’m really starting. I have read some studies that show an abnormal pattern with OCD (excess fast waves, which I had too) that can be improved with neurofeedback. Or so they say.


I feel my ocd is incurable. I also can’t take an antidepressant. I doubt that’d cure it either though!


I am going for psychotherapy soon :slight_smile:


I do neurofeedback and yoga. I never responded well to propranolol or antidepressants.


I just started cbt for it today. Hope it helps


CBT is amazing for lots of people. It was torture for me.


Yea i can’t imagine the part where i’m gonna be forced to face fears and refrain from compulsions will be fun.


If you can handle it it truly works. When I tried to refrain from my compulsions, my skin would start burning and I would get stabbing pains. Now, I realize it may have been tactile hallucinations.


I started sertraline/Zoloft not long ago and it lifted my mood right away and had effect of making my obsessions and compulsions totally consistent instead of being so anxiety driven and episodic. Still, I don’t believe there is any cure for my OCD because it is also tied in with cognitive distortions that are part of my schizophrenia. And there is probably no medication or therapy that will treat the negative symptoms of sz.


I find that too much of one thing can be a bitch… OCD can be helpful and most time not. the balance is there if you lesson less to the idea in your head and more to the people around you. you be less likely to clean stuff.


I have obsessive thought disorder i just take 0,25 mg ativan and do breathing exercises


I have multiple compulsive addictive personality
Not the same thing but this covers everything
It’s me all over
Cured compulsive spending through experience after years of dysfunction
Now trying to deal with sugar


Mindfulness against ocd.


Antidepressants are really the only thing that works for OCD
Everything else is secondary


You can’t use ads though right wave? I know I can’t because I’m rapid cycling schizoaffective. And you’re similar right? Wellbutrin caused my two biggest psychotic breaks. My doctor said no to ads because of my history. It’s just something I gotta deal with.


I can’t take antidepressants because they make me manic. Neurofeedback works amazingly.


Hi @chew Yes I can’t take any kind of AD because like you I have rapid cycling Schizoaffective Disorder.
But for people who don’t have Manic features and have OCD, Antidepressants usually work well.

Hey @ninjastar Yeah I can’t take ADs because they will cause manic and mixed episodes also.
I’m glad that Neurofeedback works for you ninja star


Oh I forgot to say: i use saffron (30mg/day) now. It seems to work not as harsh as an antidepressant, but I do feel it helps the OCD a bit. But for people who can’t use an AD - i wouldn’t try it.


@Marian I won’t continue to use Inderal (propranolol), I read some horror stories about coming off of it, heart failure and so on. So I’ll just ask my pdoc for a way to deal with them… I have an appointment in January so I’ll suck it up until then.