How do you think shit is your day?

I do nothing becouse i have no phisical power to do something, that sucks !

nothink positive everything is negative , that sucks

What cuss word did you use in the title? I was guessing s o r f but can’t tell…

Time makes fools of us all? Shrugs

i count my valuables such as my marbles and gazoos that i make melodies with… i also have my own shower that i thank the great gazoo for and maybe one day ill realize my dreams but until then my valuables are pretty shiny and my shower is clean :slight_smile:

lol. jk.
my day is better than some others for sure

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Im a weakling too, youre not alone.

This is all great answers … the first letter i S…I dont know what i am going to do i entered in college but second week it became very hard, and i sleep in lessons and have not working suffient…I will need to pay for the studys but i want to quit…If i get my stipend for disability i can payy for my studyes. otherwhise i lost my money… I will need to think something esier but i dont know what i am not good in anything