How do you stay in shape?

I have an interest in fitness. I wan’t to share my strategies.


It’s fine! I am glad that you like training, the main thing is not to forget to eat right, then the result will not take long. I wish success and great achievements!


I’m trying to get in shape. I lift weights, I never did before, I watch fitness channels on youtube, I took notes and learned how to lift weights…still its hard for me!

I hurt my foot at the fitness center. I hurt my knee deadlifting on my weakened leg. I had a lot of energy with mania so I started channeling it into exercise.

I found jogging easy to do, and the motivation was there all of a sudden.

@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter also said it was a good way to use up some energy.

I bought some cheap equipment on amazon.

  1. A new hex bar and bumper plates, I deadlift in the garage. I do bent over rows. The farmers walk is a great full body exercise.

  2. I had a doorway pullup bar left over sitting around…It’s been here since 2009 (I was 12! :joy:) and is somewhat neglected, but in perfect condition. I use it for over head pulling and hanging exercises.

I bought an adjustable weight bench, which I use for seated exercises.

  1. I bought 2 sets of powerblock adjustable dumbells 24lb and 50lb weight limit. They help for upper body exercises, I also found I can set them on the floor and hold them when I do pushups.

If I can get up the courage, I’ll try squatting , bench pressing, and overhead pressing at the gym. A quality barbell is expensive! On the lowest set of handles, I feel the hex bar allows some stretching. Still, I feel the bench press is an innessential exercise compared to the squat.

I also am unlikely to be able to get a spotter or a cage for each exercise. Still, those might be future investments, and amazon ships free. I might even (if my mom helps me out on money) just keep them in the packaging, unassembled.

My mom also bought a treadmill a long time ago…nobody else uses it.

A cable machine is another thing I want to buy for the home gym.

Jogging and running are my main exercises, even when I was on meds I jogged with a strict schedule.

@anon35453467 inspired me to keep a schedule.

@chess24 inspired me to try and put together a home gym.

@thebest inspired me to try to exercise and buy equipment, too.

Jeff cavalier’s athleanx youtube channel was my main source for tips on how to do the exercises. I sat down and took notes, or even watched the videos while I was doing the exercises.

One of the things I like about physical activity is that its an option when mantally unwell, as long as I have motivation, and it breaks up the monotony. It is mindless and primal, it allows me to activate my muscles without mental energy.

-aerobic exercise is good for cognition

-lifting weight improves body composition (triggers release of testosterone, hgh) and those hormones as well as others are great for fat loss, quality sleep, mental sharpness, healing, bone health, and body composition)

-if you are ravenous on atypicals, those calories help you grow

-i believe it is impossible to lose weight on antipsychotics—the better option i think is to put muscle under the fat

-it makes you smarter!

-it increases bone density (An issue on mood stabilizers)

-Remember to drink water! Aps can make you get hot and sweat

-lifting weights with a focus on hypertrophy (bodybuilding) is not taxing to the central nervous system

-lifting weights necessitates a quality diet

-jogging or running helps you get outside and in the sun

-listening to music or podcasts is fun

-it gives your day structure

-it builds self esteem, you feel like a champion

-it taxes the central nrevous system, and its good to feel that “shock”, esp, i feel, when on meds

-I do it for myself, there’s no judgement, I don’t need to be seen or critiqued

In the future, I wanna invest in other things

-expansions for the powerblock dumbells
-a cable machine
-first and foremost…bands to improve some of my joint issues
-when my foot gets better, I want to jog again
-my jogs are long and slow, up to 7 miles or rarely 10 at the most, but usually around 2-4

TL;DR; Main Point: What are your strategies for staying in shape?


I heard that diet has 80% impact in losing weight, and exercise has only 20%. Exessive exercise only increases ghrelin hormone which causes binge eating after exercise, and thus, less-efficient for losing weight. I recommend lifting weights instead of running on a treadmil. But I do treadmil sometimes just for being healthier like preventing heart attacks or other related diseases. I use controlled diet for losing weight, instead. I did intermittent fasting for 16hours a day including sleeping time, recently and I lost 2kgs. This also has healthful effects on your organs by giving them a break during fasting. :blush:


I believe that too, but I read an article which said when you put on muscle that muscle is “storage for carbs” or something. As such, you can eat more carbs when you put on muscle (pounds of muscle). Otherwise, I eat carefully but never count calories.

My belief is that not eating on atypical antipsychotics makes you miserable. For me, I eat when I feel ravenous and when I don’t.

Ime, typical aps make me hold onto what I eat. It’s not a matter of self control, at least it hasn’t been for me.

Micromanaging the way I looked is a way in which I managed losing control of my mind and accepting that I felt ravenous. I’m not taking atypical aps right now.

Still, for me, accepting that I would look fatter, was a part of being mentally healthy. Starving myself and ever even looking at scales made me sad.

Fluctuations in “blood sugar…insulin”, that exacerbates my mood symptoms.

Eating regular meals 3 times a day imho, like in the hospital, at regular intervals, I feel, helps with my moods and circadian rhythm.

I eat a lot of sweet potatoes, I also eat bran flakes cereal, which is very high in fiber. I take 3 fish oil pills and 500mg vitamin d. My mom also bought a woman’s multivitamin…but I don’t believe those help.

I do intermittent fasting too, unintentionally, here and there…usually it just involves not eating between a few hours before going to sleep and waking up. I take l-theanine with relora and gaba from source naturals before bed, and during the day. It significantly decreases my appetite.

Also I’m manic, that makes me less hungry.

I don’t substitute meals with protein supplements, but I drink whey protein and it fills me up. I drink plenty of water, too, and drinking it with the whey protein helps me drink more, because it tastes great!

I don’t drink a whole scoop, I eat various protein rich foods, then I drink a half or 1/3 or a scoop, etc. Or sip it throughout the day.

Another thing is accepting subcutaneous fat. It’s not unhealthy, rather the fat which surrounds the organs, that’s where the issue lies.

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Intermittent fasting would control the sensitivity and fluctuations of insulin once you get used to fasting. This process aligns with goals of keto diet. They commonly aims to decrease insulin sensitivity, which could affect your mood. I hope you’re doing well. I drink protein shake sometimes, and it was tasty and filling. It was good except the price. :slightly_smiling_face: Recently, I realized that I failed to keep keto diet and it wasn’t that effective for me, but with the intermittent fasting, I was able to see some results. :grin: So, I’m a little hopeful now.


wow you’re doing great, I want to lift weights too. My son is a weight lifter and he’s really happy too. Good on you for being so into fitness.


For me, stabilizing throughout the day involves:

-complex carbs (no bread) – high fiber, mostly sweet potatoes
-healthy fats (poly/mono) unsaturated
-protein –
-eating frequently

Yeah, it seems that you’re doing great.
In my case, I eat less carbs and more protein,
Fast from 4pm until 7am in the morning,
Exercise for making healthier mind(mostly lifting weights, but light cardio)
Check weight every morning
But like you said, I shouldn’t be obssessed with weights. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do weights,boxing + martial arts my friend:grinning:


Don’t forget abs and legs. That should be 2/3rds of your workout.

I recently moved my bed around so that I can put my feet underneath it and do sit ups. I also hold on to it and do other ab exercises.

For legs I do squats and lunges now, but the better in shape I get the more I will do. It still kicks my but now.

Sits ups
Image result for sit ups gifs

Flutter kicks

Image result for flutter kicks gifs

Leg raises


Image result for leg raises gifs

Leg circles

Image result for leg circles gifs


Image result for lunges gifs


Image result for squats gifs


I’m sooo proud of you!! You’re doing great!! You’re accomplishing so much!! You inspire me!!!


I eat dinner kebab and french fries every night. It keeps me in tip top condition.


Hi! Thanks for sharing! I don’t believe in ab exercises where you’re seated or laying down. They are bad for your spine…I think because of something called “shearing”.

You might argue that they are actually dangerous!

For me, developing core strength started with learning how to deadlift from the floor with proper form.

Deadlift variations—I would like to learn some of those, as they can really help.

All you need imo is the big 3 lifts (barbell deadlift, barbell squat, flat bench press) in order of importance.

The farmer’s walk is special too, it activates every part of the body.

One important thing for me is digging up some decent channels w/good information on youtube, as well as well put together scientific websites. There are bodybuilders on youtube who have some idea what they’re doing too.


I just try and do as much as i can, meaningful activity,

i dont like vigorous exercise though, the occasional short walks maybe 5k or a swim but mostly just every day activity, getting out and about.


Masturbation is a proper work out.

Im pretty fit from it !!


@Anon10 I think you are a track athlete, but I’m not sure. What are your goals?

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I got sesamoiditis. I’ve been off my feet since mid april. I’m gonna try and jog today.

If you do bodybuilding, (putting on muscle) which will involve heavier weights and a stricter schedule, you can eat carbs. If you jog with a strict schedule, you can eat carbs.

The big muscles of the glutes, quads and hamstrings, those muscles respond to training. The best exercises involve moving heavy weights with big muscle groups… ie compound movements.

Pushes and pulls for the upper and lower body, etc. Deadlift (pull) Squat (push) Bench press (push) Overhead press (push)

Bodyweight (pullup/chin up), Pushups… Drawing a blank…