How do you stay content?

I felt that I want more and more,and I want more in a very quick way

In my case, I feel that my energy, time, and money would be exhausted for getting more and I just stay content.

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Cigs and energy drinks.

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I used to avoid cigarettes but now in turn I take them.I thought they are bad,but they can help relief stress

I feel the same way sometimes. I think it’s a dopamine issue.

It can be true,I am on meds,you are too if I ain’t wrong

I’m on risperidone. They say that psychosis is caused by too much dopamine, but now that I’m medicated it feels like I have too little.

Ok,DW it’s a theory everything will be fine

I don’t have the urge for more and more. I am so lucky that I never got into illegal drugs that would make this an option.

sometimes I think CBT and exposure therapy will help only, besides that I don’t have much hope

It’s just accepting the parts about myself that can’t be changed. But gosh those aren’t many but it keeps me from the dirt nap.

I’m never content. I ■■■■■■■ worry about idiots everyday. Yeah cos what they think matters. ■■■■ you sza.

I guess if it gets too bad and it becomes an issue something will have to change medication!!! Another milestone in recovery?!

Give up expectation. I just try and exist and take life for what it is. If your have no expectations with things then how can you ever be disappointed ??? It’s a small mental change but it does work!


hmm that’s a tough one to answer!
mainly because i can never stay content!
i’m either too content to the point of insanity or too low to the point of deep dark times.
what helps me is grounding myself.
use your 5 sense to get a grip of reality.
hope this helped

I keep busy with alot of coding. That definitely helps my mind. Applying my mind makes me feel I am accomplishing something, which is very important for me to stay content. I also go on alot of walks and hang out with friends at least once a week. Making music also helps me too. I was going to start school soon which will probably help me be content too. Playing a lil bit of video games also provides release as well. I probably won’t have time for games after school starts though

I stay content by meditating for 15 minutes twice a day, by doing yoga for 30 minutes every day, by prayer every day, by practicing piano for 60 minutes everyday, by reading every night and by socializing in social media.

It helps to enjoy the simple things, like a pizza buffet, a chocolate shake, Fall scenery, going fishing, playing a board game, the adrenalin after a short workout, a good book, a letter from a friend or relative, and so on … Don’t think about what you want to have. Think about what you have.

Focus on the positives.

Having a roof over my head, food, and a stable mind. That last one though is key to having the other two