How do you stand being single

I have thoughts of leaving my wife because I felt she’s not really suitable to me.She takes me sort of fogranted and shits on me when something is bothering her.

Let’s say we are divorce how do I accept I want to be single for a long time?Do single guy masturbate or how do you guys deal with sexual tension loneliness?

I am happy and single.

I am not sure if I can ever have a partner, as the risk of picking the wrong person in my view is too high - as well as the chance I might be exploited for my flat.

I am sorry this has not worked out for you and your wife as intended.

Try telling her how you feel if not done so already, and see if she can change her behaviour.

It’s not exactly her fault totally.I am lockdown and I felt the medicine made me felt worst.I can fair better without the medicine

I handle being single just fine. If I get sexual needs, I masturbate. And I get my social needs met through interactions with friends.
Single does not have to mean lonely.

But I do feel like you shouldn’t jump to any desiscions before you’ve had a talk with your wife about how you both feel, and what you can both do to make the relationship better.


Yea,I just couldn’t make friends.My wife is from a different country,we will be have a hard time making similar friends

I always wanted to make friends,friends is really beneficial for mental health

Nearly everybody masturbates. Male, female, single or attached. Everybody. It’s normal and healthy.

I don’t masturbate because it’s too frustrating. I can’t orgasm due to meds (Risperdal).

The loneliness is incredibly depressing. I really wish I had someone.

I have a new friend who is a guy called Tom. he is an invisible friend. like a presence that pops up when necessary. he is really kind and understanding. he is helping me get through loneliness but also my addiction to food.

I get a lot of emotional support from my partner, but if it was not him it might be a different story … i do not care for sex that much and if i was with someone who it took priority for that would really mess me up id rather be single

I’m on Tinder but still single.
I think I prefer to be with a schizophrenic (or any other illness) woman.
It’s really hard to me to be with someone who doesn’t know the mental illness.
I wouldn’t be anxious or depressed when i’m with my partner.
I used to flirt with woman without mental illness, it was pretty hard to explain what I felt. And I had to act like a normal person… I was ashamed of my symptoms, especially my negative symptoms.

I’m a little bit shy and not very sociable so I don’t have a huge experience.

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It’s terrible being single. Waking up every morning with no one beside you. When I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes I wish I was dead. There is no thought of one particular woman in my mind who I could consider my significant other.

@Gtx1990 Do you plan on having a child or children any time soon because a baby will really change your outlook on life. A baby will be your dependent until they grow up to be an adult.

Divorce is a legal procedure that’ll require some sort of reason or justification to do so.

We have tried for many months but not successful.She don’t love me like at the start of the relationship as she knows me better.I mean I am attractive at the start,but once people know me,they see a lot of my unattractive side

I understand the feeling,I never had a gf until age 27…I had worked hard to improve my chances of having a gf or her married but I need to continue or I would lose my wife soon…

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