How do you spend your day?

I just lay there waiting

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Forum, cigs, drinks, sleep, pandora, bathroom.

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Sit and watch tv. :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Tv or computer or lay in bed on my phone

Cook, clean/errands, watch Youtube/Internet, meditate. Rarely go out unless errands/shopping , which is bad. It would be good to take walks…

35 hour work week = 7 hours a day of work
30 minutes x 5 of lunch time @ work = 2.5 hours of lunch per week
(30 minutes + 30 minutes) = 1 hour of driving commute a day

I stay in bed till i am ready to get up. Have a glass of water and cigarettes and switch to coffee. Chatting with my partner and let the day evolve till i am tired again. That means i wake up sometimes at 5 pm or go to bed as part of the sleeping waking cycle.

8 hours of work a day, then there’s chores and dinner, and hangning out with roommates.
Then, if I’m lucky, I might get an hour or two to do whatever before bedtime.

I do the waiting thing sometimes.
Like yesterday I took some time out to just relax on a sofa, doing nothing, no thinking, just nothing.

I seem to be doing a lot of the same things lately, even the things I enjoy seem to be in some sort of routine. I am looking forward to quarantine ending so life can go back to normal.


Me too, I am really looking forward to getting out.
I have plans: looking forward to travelling around town on the bus again

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I think the first week it ends I might have to treat myself. Go out on my favourite hike and get a kfc and maybe go to the cinema.

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I really hope it doesn’t go past june

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No, I don’t think so, we are on track with Italy, so hopefully around the end of May I reckon.

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I walk my brothers dogs three times a week.

Exercise three times a week since quarantine.

Visit boyfriend.

Watch Netflix.

Browse da forum.

Drink coffee.

Volunteer a few hours usually but my volunteer work is closed now because of corona virus.

We have strictest lockdown in world not allowed to leave the house except to go to store or exercise from 6am to 9pm no sale of booze or cigarettes only food clothes and PC equipment and cellphones for sale

Just sit inside and play games all day waiting for fibre so I can get back to work

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I just tried to go to sleep at 7pm hoping I’d wake up the next day, but to my disappointment, it is only 9pm and I’m awake again. Lol.

So now I’ll just do watevs.

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Wake up
Go for a walk
Go on Forum

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I used to have really bad negatives. I used to just sit round doing nothing, checking phone, eating, drinking coffee, smoking.

Suddenly I feel better. I crochet, I knit, I read, I have a bath, I eat, I drink coffee, I go for walks, I go cycling and I clean my room.

I’m so happy to have mental health back.

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