How do you solve problems?

Do you take it slow? Procrastinate untill you have 100 problems then freak out? I think thats what I’ve been doing because of my depression/anhedonia or whatnot. Really just looking for some words of advice. I think the serenity prayer is pretty good philosophy though if i could remember to apply it. I think my ability to problem solve hasn’t been that great. That’s when I feel like I’m a failure and can’t do anything right. Sort of in a malaise. Like, sometimes I feel maybe I will snap out of this and suddenly be high functioning, but I need to just face one problem at a time and build up some sefl confidence.


That sounds like good advise to me. Try journaling it might help.

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I first freak out and yell and vent, then I calm down and write in my journal about it. Then I make lists and contact others and talk, and then pray about it. Then I make my decision

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I can understand just how you feel because I have the same feelings. What I need to realize is that I really have been hurt. This is hard to know because it’s painful.

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It helps to break down your tasks into roles:

I keep separate weekly to-do lists for each of my roles:

for example:

  1. husband
    – take wife to dr
    – buy small gift
  2. cat owner
    – buy flea meds
  3. son/caregiver
    – call about insurance
    – visit
  4. tenant
    – wash bathroom carpets
  5. inlaw
    – get gift for birthday party
    – drive mother in law to senior center
  6. patient
    – get flu shot
  7. car owner
    – install windshield wipers
    – check air in tires
  8. hobbies/social
    – set date to go out with new friend
    – pay deposit for holiday party
  9. work
    – write email to x about marketing
    – try out new development system

…it helps to partition it this way otherwise one big to-do list gets pretty muddled and overwhelming.

…also roles will change in priority from time to time… in this example getting a flu shot or checking tire pressure might be more urgent and important.

Some things are projects too. “holiday party” is actually a pretty complicated project and needs to be broken down and needs help from others too.


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