How do you send a Personal message in this forum?

I have received personal messages and replied to them.
But I don’t know how to send one. So how do I do it?

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I’m right here, bud. save the PM. :wink:

I think that he is a she, but I’m not sure.

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a non-male sending PMs.



then again, the person’s been receiving PMs, so you could be right.
could have been persuaded to send one… as unbelievable as it sounds

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which username are you referring to? Of whom do you say that he, she thing?

I think Wave thinks I’m a girl.

lol lol just kidding

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I am sorry @Erez_Shmerling I was wondering whether you were male or female.
Lots of new people assume that I’m female because of my Avatar.

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I am male. But I should point out that you can define yourself any way you like.
There are other options. there are trans people, and people who are unsure of their gender, and that’s fine by me.
I am certainly not offended. I am male but you can look at me any way you like :wink:

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You are currently locked as a new member and restricted from sending PMs. The mods think some of your behavior has been problematic and don’t want you to PM others unless they PM you first. This is not necessarily permanently.


I was one. so this thread title shocked me, till I read posts in thread:

thank you for the helpful reply