How do you see yourself in an objective way?

How do you see your abilities in an objective view? My pdoc says I’m getting worse. I don’t believe her. I don’t feel changed. I feel I have capacity to do the things I do.

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@Comatose ı don t know we don t have to be super intelligent or american president.nobody expect from us this kind of achievement.thats why don t worry about that.

What i m seeing myself.i see myself as a romantic relation with my wife and hopefully future father and future cook.but for now i m just a school attendant who like to be cook and interesting with computer programming

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I can only see myself subjectively. My feelings about me are just too strong! Sometimes I can imagine how others must subjectively see me, does that count?

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I’m trying to see myself with value. Sometimes I’ve been down on myself and think i’m stupid or worthless, but I’m trying to change.

You could think of a third party observer … You could ask simple questions like “How would statistics describe me?” or “How would an impartial observer describe me?” or “How would I appear on video camera?” or ask obvious nursing type questions like “How many hours did you sleep last night,” “What have you been eating the last few days?”

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Don’t let the opinion of someone who sees you for 30 minutes a month define you. Just do you.


I see my self now as a normal person who have ambition that out of limit of mind, means I would never turn back.