How do you regained your emotions in fact?

hi all! :slight_smile:i still have this heaviness in my soul, this pain, the impression to suffocate but I think I am slightly going better :slight_smile: yeah, that’s tough… I was close to suicide even though that ive always wanted to live. but you live beautifully, like a human etc etc and be happy if you can.
how did you regained your emotions for those who have lost them? me, I am dreaming, relaxing, distracting that’s all. there is a friend of mine who is at my house now, its 6 am but its ok :slight_smile:kiss


For me, though friends. True, kind friends can help show you the way. It sounds cheesy but is so true. When you are one in their group, and you just enjoy being with each other for no reason else. Friendship is very powerful.

My Fascist Pony: Friendship Is Very Powerful

yes I know that already through suffering. the problem is that I am still to envious of my ill friends who live their lifes and my, I pay the consequences of my isolation since years… one pdoc of mine told to my mother that ive chosen the dark way of life :(…