How do you react to nudging?

I’m having a hard slow morning. Tired, upset with myself over my own short comings, feeling weak, feeling useless, wishing I was more verbally sharp and aggressive. Feeling like an idiot because I can’t make people leave us alone…

Today is Adventure Sunday. I’m not up for it today. At least, I don’t think I am. I know my sis puts a lot of planning into adventure Sunday. So I hate to disappoint, but some days, I’m not up for it.

So today, my sis gave me a hug and told me we don’t have to do Adventure sunday, but can we just have lunch outside on the beach? I can do that part. Then she says we need to go to the deli and get stuff for lunch. I like the deli, it’s near a good book shop. From the book shop, maybe we can go to the record shop down the street…

I know what she’s doing… she’s nudging me outside for a different adventure.

Sometimes her nudging really ticks me off. Sometimes, I find, I’m Ok with her nudging. Sometimes her nudging really helps me get going and I’m happy to have the helpful nudge.

On the other hand, there have been times where she hasn’t nudged at all, not one tiny nudge and that makes me think she’s giving up on me… and then I get mad at myself and try and get motivated.

How do others react to nudging… do you see it as helpful or hurtful?

I think you need to branch out socially. There is much too much between you and your sister…

my friend sweep does a lot of nudging, ever since i have known her, i remember when i met her in the mental hospital that i was the one nudging her lol and she has been nudging me ever since i think, she has OCD and social phobia and she would get up really early and do her ritual cleaning in the bathroom and she would get me up really early and out really early to get the newspaper that i never even read lol but i think all that nudging has paid off as i feel like it has helped towards my recovery and it still is. its good to have someone close that can help in that way, get you motivated etc, but i still maintain that the proper med combo is essential, take care.


Nudging is good, if it get’s me outta my funk.
But look out if I’m not nudging back.


It helps my recovery immensely when my family just assumes that i can do all kinds of things. For some people with this disease it might make them stressed or resentful that their family pushes them. But for ME, it helps. All my life people have nudged me to do things I would never have tried myself. Thus, my friend talked me into going out for Little League and then soccer in high school. This same friend encouraged me to get my first job at a restaurant he was already working at. My sisters call me and matter-of-factually invite me go to movies or out to eat. I’ve gotten most of my jobs myself and my own housing, but my sisters get me out of my house to go out to coffee. My dad got me to drive to Sacramento, a 2 3/4 hour drive away. All through my illness this has gone on.