How do you overcome spiritual paranoia that prevents you from doing anything that you should be doing for God

Im in a difficult situation. I have paranoia. I hear the voice of God but God lately has made me paranoid thinking Satanists are out to get me. I believe there are many people who hear voices but I fear demonic people may do me over.

The voice I hear (God) tells me to do something constructive to becoming a social worker, I said I will work as a carer/ befriender and visit the mentally ill but I am paranoid and will not do work like that of a carer because Im worried about going into peoples houses as I don’t trust them.

The voice I hear does not help me overcome this paranoia…Any suggestions would be appreciated…

If it makes you uncomfortable, do something else.
You may think that was God’s voice, but, it’s not always the best advice to take, because it can’t be verified.
If you really think you need to do what it says, start slowly and do what you can.

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Feel free to pat yourself on the back, your only getting prepared for all the ■■■■■■■■ that comes with voices. It’s not the voice of god it is just messed up brain chemistry. Try to stop talking to the voices and stop believeing them. 90 percent of the time the voices we hear are all lies.


don’t believe in god or the devil or religion, to prove my point i just gave them all the finger, and shock horror i am still here…!!! ( i do believe in karma…a heaven and hell )
this is your mind, believe it or not you control it no one else.
i do believe in certain things that i experience are paranormal/ spiritual/ seeing through the veil…
i see hell below my feet , see demons… blah…blah…i can tell you those buggers are afraid of me.
take care
oh yes i forgot to mention the demons are not after you, they just like to scare people, they get power from it.
just give them the finger, be brave.


Decide on your own values else you might end up in a mental facility. Don’t be influenced by the voice. It lies a lot to be the God that we grow up knowing.

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It might also be the voice that Abraham talked too :smiley:

If you listen to it, you might end up in some type of hypnotic state where you do everything it says and suggests. It’s too convincing that you might end up thinking you can fly and end up dead.

Does anyone else have answers to my original question…

How do I overcome this spiritual paranoia as Im still paranoid…I cant trust people. I cant do anything constructive for God as Im paranoid of Satanists out to get me.

If I can hear the voices constantly, then they can get me to believe what ever they want. If I take my meds then its too much trouble to hear them and I can easily ignore them. And move on and live a good simple life.

Can you separate the spiritual from the fact that you have paranoia? I know that you probably don’t want to hear this but have you spoken to anyone like your psychiatrist about the fact that paranoia is getting in the way of you doing something that you want to do? Perhaps they can help you to get it under control so that you can try to become a social worker without these feelings stopping you.

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