How do you navigate this forum?

I mean mostly I go to the main front page. Sometimes I go through the “unread” option.

Very rarely do I browse posts via their category.

How about you people?

A few months ago I dismissed all new and unread topics and now I read everythinggggg :smile:


I don’t go to bed until every post is read… then no one is posting anything new, so I go offline to wait…

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I always click on “new”.

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I go to the main page, scroll down to the last unread post, start reading from there. I only go to the category page if I’m looking for something in particular that I’ve already read.

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With a compass :blush:


Locked threads go first of course.
Then threads with a key word ‘sex’ ‘love’ or 'food’
Then threads from people bitching about forum including “delete my account” threads
jk I browse by Latest and New and I don’t read everything.


I browse the main page. I read more than I reply. I access the page with smart phone. It’s the easiest way to just start at the top and scroll down.

i read everything usually but sometimes by category, i look at topic headings and if i think i can add something i will, sometimes there is nothing i can add so i wont be on for long or i’ll just look and wait a while hoping for a topic that i can actually add too.

but not really, right? :smile:

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With a little skeptism, a little fright and a little luck.


I go by category.

Use to read almost all topics. Limited these days due to time so go by the title mostly. UB has been a problem in the past as can be triggering so have blocked that in past. Family section was the other I blocked.