How do you move on after finding out you are schizophrenic?

How do you move on after being diagnosed and finding out you have delusions? I’m thinking that what I’m going through are delusions but how do you move on and live your life? I’m so afraid.

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It’s complicated, because I realized my life was going to be absolutely diferent from the life I had planned for me.


I’m still in the process of accepting my schizoaffective disorder, but I think I’m almost there. The biggest thing to accept, in my opinion, is that life will be different and things will change. I can’t do the same things I did before I got sick. But if you just put time into thinking about how life is fine how it is now, you can move on from grieving your old life.

Find things are capable of now, find new hobbies, and always take your medication. Things will get easier with time.


I try just to live my life even though it is difficult. I go out with family and friends, voltunteer, and go to church. I feel like I have people against me wishing the worse to happen. I wish for more privacy and peace of mind.

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I find acceptance is key but I had to go through some other stages of grief to get there. I’m still a bit bitter about everything I’ve lost and am missing out on.

This site has helped me a lot with coming to terms with my circumstances and also learning that a psychotic disorder can’t necessarily keep you from living a fulfilling life.


I am hoping to build a more meaningful life by keeping stress at bay that’s the most important thing and contiunuing doing things I want to although maybe some of them or all of them :roll_eyes: with lower intensity.

I feel very uncomfortable to say that my life WILL be fulfilling…I always get scared that it brings forth jinxes and stuff, but I do hope for it :slight_smile:

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It took me probably 4 years of adjustment and medication to kind of come around.

I [37 M] was diagnosed and put on meds @ 30 years old. I don’t work anymore. But Simetimes I take a small step in life, but it’s a BIG step in recovery. For example: when I found out how much exercise kept my symptoms away; that was huge. I started with music lessons a few months ago and that had been a VERY positive thing for me.

FYI: after 6 months of the illness you can apply for disability with the social security office. Psychosis is on the list of disabilities with social security.

You found a treasure of a forum to do research on. I hope you stick around. This place has been a great tool for me.

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Med’s are crucial. I recommend Geodon. For a lot of people that drug is a godsend. Talk to a pdoc and see what kind of options are available in that regard. Try not to get discouraged. Life can still be a happy experience for you.


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