How do you manage daily?

Im curious, i have been just listening to jazz throughout the day, on and off the PlayStation and going out for a coffee.
The thing is, when i look at my diagnosis, and my habits im doing pretty well.
Ive got my spending under control, i dont drink too much coffee, my diet is in check, everything externally is on track, but i just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me something is wrong, all the time. A restless feeling that i need to ignore, just general dis ease.
So, i wonder if its anxiety, but regardless, i manage by keeping busy.
what do you think is hapening?
Should i just keep ignoring it?

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It could be generalized anxiety. Try squared breathing and other grounding exercises. They help a lot of people

I know the feeling I think. My recovery has been good. I don’t do much during the day, watch Netflix, play computer games, sit on the porch. But I always have a looming feeling like something bad is going to happen.

I would say just keep on ignoring it. Probably a side effect of the meds, maybe?

Dont make the classic mistake tho of course - by stopping or reducing your doses. Thats the stuff thats keeping you so functional.

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