How do you make your life worth living if reslistically you wont be having children?

Yes, since yesterday at noon.
Tell me again next week.
You seem to change your mind every other day, it scares me.


Why it scares you

Everyone says that. I just cant focus.

I dunno.
Everyone is entitled to change their mind, wishes or habits. I do it too. But not this often.


That means I’m alive

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I have got better since being on an antidepressant. But i still feel low.its not that i dont want children its just the fact of how im going to raise them to be good people with little money and my issues on top. Its not a given that i wont have kids. I just feel depressed that it likely isnt going to happen

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That means that you’re not a reliable person really… not that you are alive.

Money does nothing for teaching your kids how to behave

What am i supposed to do If my dreams have been shattered?

Mine were shattered too, little by little. But with my complicity. I gave up on trying on more than one occasion.

Work on your social skills. Most important thing in this life.

Keep your body clean.
Make your bed.
Exercise some.
Get good sleep.

Once you got all the above down pat, you may focus on higher targets: a job, a partner etc.

I can’t justify bringing a new person into the world, given how crap my life has been. Enjoy eating good food, getting exercise,watching and doing entertainments. But raising a family is not necessary.

No kidding. Just paid for a five year degree.


Friends, a job, school, family, volunteer jobs, exercising and staying healthy, traveling, pets, enjoying nature, helping other people, being a good person, being part of the solution instead of part of the problem, doing something creative. Any one of these or a combination of any of them give life meaning and make life worth living. It’s not a comprehensive list by any means, there’s other things worth living for besides these.


You get new dreams.

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Maybe be a foster parent or volunteer to work with children.

Kids are time…energy…money.

I gave up a ton to have my twin girls. Loved every minute of it, though.

My Uncle and my brother and sister have great and fulfilling lives without children. To each, his own for sure.


by enjoying the freedom, peace of mind, and stability of not having to deal with kids or a wife until it feels right


Came across this meme, perhaps it will help:

It doesn’t necessarily reflect my views, but here it is:

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