How do you make it right?.... Ideas needed

Back story, there has been a baby dropped off here and living with us a few days. The baby was AMAZING and cute and smart. But it was the baby of my sister’s homeless teen aged friend. The friend left and hadn’t returned yet.

My sis gave the amazing baby to her friends blood relation (her friends favorite aunt) Yesterday the aunt came and took her 3 months old grand-niece home to take care of. I was SO mad at my sis, I really gave her a hard time. I got sort of mean. I see now that I really hurt her feelings.

Today is Sunday my sis and I usually go out and do something, but today she’s locked herself in her bedroom and slipped a note under the door saying she’s just not up for doing anything.

My pervious methods of trying to make it up haven’t worked. I was thinking if I got an ax and chopped down the bed room door, then she would have to talk to me and we could work this out. But I’ve already chopped the bathroom door in a few months ago and we can’t keep going through doors. Besides, she says it scares her when I do that and it reminds her of the movie… “The Shining”

I slipped a note under her door but she hasn’t opened the door or come out.
Looking for ideas on how to make it right… Thank you in advance…
The sad J

I don’t have any good suggestion. But i do think probably chopping the door down isn’t a good idea. Just give it time. :slight_smile:

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I would say to let her have her space. The baby thing was upsetting for both of you and I think you both will need some time to deal with your feelings and get over what happened.

Sometimes my son will want to spend time with me and I don’t want to. It’s nothing personal against him it’s just that maybe I need a break from being mom. Your sister has her own feelings to deal with right now and maybe she just needs some personal space to deal with them. Try not to take it personally. She is not going anywhere. Try not to feel guilty about hurting her feelings. I’m sure that she knows how hard this was for you and I’m sure that she knows that you are sorry. Aside from being your little sister she is someone that sometimes may need some alone time. Making it right may require you to give her this space. When she is ready she will open that door and be kid sis again.


dude…dont chop the door down…but i would just apologize. You said these sort of things have happened before, so I would let if blow over. Sorry about that. Maybe slip an apology note under the door like she did? I know you guys have a great relationship so keep in mind that one day will probably mend it.


get her some flowers and ’ i am an idiot card ’ ( i have given tonnes of these to my wife ! )
and stick love hearts all over her door , draw them on paper ( not the wall or actuall door ! )
then put more love hearts on paper on the floor leading to the dinning room table and put her favorite food bisciuts , chocolates etc…there. then stick sorry notes everywhere
here endeth another pearl of wisdom from the archives of dark sith, dark sith takes a bow " yes i know i am a genius ! " ( a genius with lots of experience of saying sorry ! )
take care

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I’m reading the shining now and I suppose that there will be an axe and the door scene. I would give your sister a little time to her self. Flowers and a card are not a bad idea.