How do you look for a therapist?


The last time I went looking for a therapist I think I pissed them off because I told them that I was trying to decide who to choose. What do you look for in a therapist? How do you go about looking? What do you tell them?

I don’t think I am going to get any referrals from people I know because I don’t know anyone.

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You have to choose what kind of therapy you want. Then look for accredited people that you can get to, who you can afford, who offer that. Then look at pricing/personality etc.
You aren’t gonna know if you like them until you’ve met them a few times IMO.

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I got court ordered then just continued with it lol

If you’re in the US, there’s a website Psychology Today that has a therapist finder. You enter your location and a bunch show up. You can filter based on what insurance you have and what mode of therapy you prefer. The names and faces all pop up. Each therapist or counseling office will have written a little about themselves that gives you an idea if you want to try to see them or not. Once you choose, you can contact the therapist through the website


Call your medical insurance company and obtain a list of therapists that accept your insurance.
Print out the list of therapists in your area and start making contact calls to various therapists.

It’s basically hit or miss.

Im in the process of seeing this new therapist as my current therapist decided to ghost me.

She was a terrible therapist and she was a PhD.

This new therapist that I’m about to see left me with a positive first impression.

If I don’t connect with her I’m not going to waste my time, I’ll find someone else.

Yeah, the problem with meeting them a few times is that it seems like you are kind of insulting them if you don’t choose them. Seeking out a specific therapy seems smart but again how to find them.

I went with a therapist in the beginning and stayed for a while, but I never felt like I made that much progress… She helped with some things but I felt like I wasn’t progressing. I stopped seeing her some years ago.

Like @Pianogal said, Psychology Today is a good starting point.
This is where I found my current therapist.

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I have looked at Psychology Today’s website but didn’t find too much although maybe I wasn’t looking correctly.

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@eek. Yeah I was with a male therapist and felt that way two years later I switched been under her care for about a month maybe more and she has done wonders for me… I stayed with the same company

I’m not sure @eek . I find lots even after I enter my insurance. But I live in a densely populated area so maybe that’s why

“Hit or miss”. That’s kind of what I thought and was afraid of. The insurance company seems like a good place to check. My therapist was a clinical psychologist as well. Sounds good that you got a good impression.

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@Twialine That’s what I see/hear some people say. That if you find the right one they help a lot.

@Pianogal Often I don’t spend enough time and so it seems with this, I just got oodles of results… I will have to keep looking.

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yea try, i find one, waiting for him if my insurance covers his network.

You can narrow down the results by filtering for insurance, specialty, gender, mode of therapy, and even language spoken

@oe1489 yep, gonna keep looking there.

@Pianogal I had not noticed that other times, thanks

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