How do you learn to trust yourself

After being delusional. I’m struggling with this.


A therapist who helped me a lot actually reframed this and it helped ME

He said:

Don’t trust yourself so Much. Am curious if this helps?

My therapist told me to regularly reality check with people I trust.


So if I think things that people don’t believe or see things I’ve been told are not real or if I simply can’t tell what’s real from what isn’t, I’m supposed to ask if it’s real or not.


So we should do the opposite, not trust ourselves?

For me, and this is going back to 2008 where it was a stressful time for all

but it goes back to a passive aggressive ‘tit for tat’ that I was PERCEIVING anyway, (as sz we have faulty perception) and

it’s my cerebral theory I suppose oversimplified that when (context) is high, and dialogue is low, you see this in people in organizations.

So I was guilty of let’s just call it innuendo(?) nay double entendre, or just some creativity.

The therapist said don’t trust that these things were caught by others and don’t trust that what you took as a responding to, had actually occurred in addition.

I struggle with this one. I constantly ask myself if I’m about to lose it!

I don’t understand your message.

Shoot. That’s twice today I’m getting that type of feedback. The whole thing? I just have a lot to share and I believe at least some people know what I mean but also I may delete what I wrote…

When you have delusions, your mind is playing tricks on you.

I would try and find a technique to anchor your reality, so that the delusion doesn’t fracture that reality, leading you to NOT trust yourself.

The more you find techniques to ensure the delusion doesn’t replace your reality with a broken one, the more you will trust yourself.

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Thats probably more sound advice. I was just recalling that sound bite that I found striking and calmed me at the time… also would like to hear if it made anyone think… but I think too much.

As someone happy to help I guess closer to the truth would be I need help too but I’m not gonna change my name a 4th time : /. Maybe a new pic though after some hindsight.

Thanks recently everyone from high school on Facebook was a secret Freemason and I heard their voices telling me to Jump! Out the window. It was seriously messed up.

What do you mean you don’t trust yourself?

I don’t know how to trust myself after allegedly being delusional.

I don’t understand. I’m not a big lier.

Makes sense. I trusted my self with my cognitive abilities in math because usually math is straight forward: black and white, right or wrong, but with schizophrenia and all that, I just try my best and know my strengths and weaknesses. Some people believe in me and think I can do more, which I probably can.

Can I just tell you something?

I’m only a little embarrassed.but I made it THIS FAR; (am in my young 40s, and don’t know what Freemasons are or were

They don’t scare me; which is part and parcel of this disorder. It probably won’t help you just like you probably cant help my delusional paranoia that much.

It makes so much sense to you, BUT it’s your version of schizophrenia or at least one time psychosis.

Trust your loved ones, trust the doctors here, and if they get through to you, than TRUST THAT in yourself.

Perhaps another way of phrasing it would be “when can I not trust myself”. If for example you haven’t been sleeping much, have been skipping meds, have been under a great deal of stress. Then you know at that time delusions are very possible and maybe hold any unusual beliefs in limbo until you can get some rest and then consider it later

FB is a platform that still uses writing, right?

So let’s ask this:

Who brought up FreeMasons first?

If it was you, than gently stop. if it happened first by a friend, than ask a probing question to that person… say it really came off as creepy

Because I just read the opening paragraph of Freemasons on Wiki and IT IS Creepy.

But I put the material down and walked away from it.

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I think maybe you just need to learn to question your beliefs when they seem extraordinary or “out there”. It doesn’t mean you have to question everything that you do.