How do you know your thought broadcasting?

Sane as the subject how did you know you were thought broadcasting?

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I knew because the music at work was commenting on me and giving me instructions

when they act like they know what you are thinking and feeling then you know i suppose.


I heard people commenting on my thoughts almost the whole day they said different but horrible things when they didnt.

That’s about how it allvstaryed with me and a friend said she could hear my thoughts

No one around me can hear my thoughts just certain times they say what I thought they would say. It’s strange.

At first when I experienced thought broadcasting, I was past the point where I had any insight to my condition. I believed it fully as real life.

It is a little tricky nowadays as perceptive people can pick up on your thoughts through body language and other physical responses. I usually deduct it isn’t real by keeping an eye on my other warning signs: paranoia, anger, anxiety and muscle tension.


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