How do you know you need a med adjustment

Im having trouble telling if the symptoms I’m experiencing warrant a meds change or just time to go away.

I had two complex hallucinations for the first time in months. Both of which happened at or shortly after work. That’s the part that makes me think I need new/higher dose of meds. I can’t be plagued by hallucinations at work. That’s dangerous as I work with heavy machinery and also I haven’t told anyone at work what my diagnosis is. They could fire me.

I don’t really want to take anymore medications though as the weight gain from the meds I’m currently on caused me to have high blood pressure. Do I choose mental health or physical…

How do you know you need a med adjustment?

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Protect your body. Please dont damage yourself.


I’d report all this back to your psychiatrist asap…


Monitor your situation, and do call in sick if things get out of hand.

And get in touch with your pdoc like @everhopeful says, is good advice.


I have a sense when my medications are off. Frequently, I don’t know if I need more or less, however!

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Updated: I called my pdoc. I have an appointment tomorrow. I’m sure he’s gunna start me on something new or change my dose. I’m pretty nervous.

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