How do you know you are schizophrenic!

What makes you schizophrenic and how can you differentiate between reality and schizophrenia? And I don’t want to trigger anyone I’m just at the point I don’t really know if I’m schizophrenic.


If you think every stranger’s conversation is about you, and you feel that everyone can read your thoughts, to the extent that it disrupts your ability to function, it’s probably schizophrenia.


Ok @naturallycured let me tell you what I’m going through and you tell me if I have schizophrenia. Well I believe I have a hidden device injected into me and the whole world is watching me. Everywhere I go people are talking about me and telling me my thoughts. And I’m afraid for my life.

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There’s no “device” implanted in you, beyond your basic physiology. If you feel your thoughts are being broadcasted, it’s the brain’s dysfunction causing that belief.


@anon55704218, you sound sz. But, I’m no pdoc. You need to ask a psychiatrist that question.


Definitely some paranoia but that isn’t necessarily sza

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How do I know? Mainly the circle of people I’m around. Doctors, family, and friends. Mainly, I’m low functioning as a schizophrenic, and I have a bit of anosognosia when it comes to my diagnosis and illness.

I think they said I got it from the norovirus, so maybe that causes something? Unless, that is a delusion too.

If you include my past lives in this time loop, I’ve been told practically everything and nothing – and contradictory information too!

I think the health care professionals I mostly see are not professional or experts at all, but there are a few exceptions. I feel like they only know 2 diagnoses: bipolar and schizophrenia.

The medication does help a bit, but I’m very treatment resistant. That or I have nothing wrong with me except dissociation and trauma. Maybe lack of motivation, depression, and addiction issues. I have no clue. I’m obese as always.

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If a doctor diagnosis’s you is one way to tell. Since schizophrenia is one of the most severe mental illnesses, the diagnosis is not given lightly. If the people around you are all telling you have serious mental ptoblems you may want to give their opinions some weight. You may feel OK but a lot of times people around us can see things about us that we can’t see in ourselves or that we are not aware of.
'Your belief about the implant and everybody watching you and the other things are delusions and delusions are a sign of schizophrenia. BUT… there are other conditions that also have delusions as a symptom. We can’t diagnosis you but if you see a doctor he will talk to you and observe you and run tests and tell you what it isn’t. He will do this over a period of time and talk to your family and he will give his professional opinion as to what is going on with you.


I ve been told. I still don’t know. It makes no sense i got sz. When the world around got sz as well. I can’t see the logic that i have to take medication and others don’t.

If you know your dellusions aren’t real does that still mean you could be dealing with schiz

Why are you afraid for your life? I have a group of lunatics after me because they think I am immoral and a racist. I am afraid that they hurt someone. I should have called the police.

I’m afraid for my life because I think the most craziest things about people and it’s uncontrollable so I’m afraid people are going to come and hurt me.

I don’t think they will hurt you for saying crazy things, what crazy things? I feel like people can see and hear my intrusive thoughts and they cause bad things to happen and are immoral because if their actions.

My voices tell me I’m not sick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::llama:

As far as telling them apart, that seems to depend on my level of insight. Go to deep down the rabbit hole, and I can’t tell what’s real.

I regularly have spurts of not believing I’m sza. I feel like a faker most of the time. But then I hear the men downstairs who want to hurt me, or I see demons, or I remember what it was like to think someone was going to kidnap me so I needed to carry a knife to defend myself. And that’s when I’m like, “Oh… I guess I do have sza.”

As for you, no one on this board is able to diagnose you. You need to see a doctor if you want a real answer. Have you been to a pdoc yet? I hope you are able to get help, whatever is wrong.

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