How do you know when thoughts are your own?

When you have a history of sz and dissociation?

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İ think impotant think to understand if your thoughts belong to you or not is evolution pattern of your thoughts.if you are able to follow evolution of your thoughts probably that thoughts belong to you.

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All of my thoughts belong to me, I just wish there were a bunch that didn’t.


I mostly think they are my own when they are like everybody elses, which leads me to the most productivity.

Impossible to tell if sz is mimicking the feeling and pattern of your own thoughts.

I know when the thoughts in my head are my own when I have control over them.
When it’s Alien inserting his thoughts in there I have no control over them.

We don’t. If we are to understand Descartes’ “I think therefore I am” as “my thoughts are truly my thoughts, therefore I am” we immediately run into some serious difficulties as pointed out by quite a few philosophers. At a personal level I’ve struggled at times to trust ownership of my own thoughts. Once at hospital I thought I’d been replaced by an identical copy of myself, endlessly seeking for clues in my own thinking as to my real identity.

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