How do you judge a person

simple how do you judge them?

On the internet @anon9798425

do u judge people?

I sometimes believe in stereotypes which lead me to judge. I’m currently working on not judging AT ALL. It’s tough but doable.

yep people being mean might be a front

I don’t judge them

I try to understand them

Then I move on


Words and actions.

The way you’re supposed to judge them.


Like all other people, yes, I sometimes judge others. That includes you, @san_pedro, like you’re doing now - calling me mean and trying to pick a fight with me. But I’m not trying to pick a fight with you, and I don’t think you’re a bad person. I just strongly disagree with you.


That’s a wisdom bomb. :+1:

When you don’t get a long with some people ignorn them

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You should practice what you preach. You’re the one who made this thread after getting your previous one closed. I’m not attacking you. You feel attacked because I’m arguing against you.


Unlike most people on this forum, I don’t spend all my time adversely judging @san_pedro . I myself think he’s refreshingly humorous and I also really like his thoughtful and wise memes.

Keep it up @san_pedro !


Just spreading my wisdom and good will @Enlightenedbeing

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Yeah theres no need to attack people and gang up on them over a fcking thread, thats weak mindedness. Keep it up @san_pedro even though i know it dosent affect you :joy::+1:t3:


God knows me so I have noting too worry about

Actions speak louder than words

If you want to win an argument, better to let your actions do the talking as opposed to words

I judge no one, because I fully don’t know them

Its logic imo

I think judgements are inevitable, and can be healthy even.

I judge people by their intentions mostly.

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Probably God’s gonna judge us all. I can go by only what my eyes and ears and life has told me.

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I agree there fundmental

I got say pedro recently you have been really antagonistic to people. Constantly making threads sniping at people for no real reason trying to score points. It’s pathetic. Is it really worth your time? There must be things you’d rather be doing. It just makes you look really small minded and sad.

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You don’t like me

Bottom line is I might not like you either


Get over it