How do you handle your sexual dysfunction

  • viagra pills
  • vacuum pump
  • shock wawe therapy
  • prothesis
  • i dont sex so i don t do anything

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are those the only options? prosthesis, like a fake cock?

I m not sure whether these are only options or not.if you know any other options than below just write to comments.and yes prothesis is kind a of thing but you feel ok like your real ■■■■■

Ask your psychiatrist for aripiprazole :point_left:

I know aripiprazol is good for sexual dysfunction but i m worried about low libido.i m fear from not want invega sustenna my libido is ok but i have sexual it s a tricky options i have

How old are you?

33 years old…

Stop Porn/Masturbation

I dont watch porn or make masturbation.i just wanna sex with my wife.

You’re lucky. You’ve at least got wife. Ask your psychiatrist for aripiprazole. And you might want to test your prolactin levels.

I found it hard to ejaculate on aripiprazole, I’d orgasm just nothing came out!

There are lots of options with meds some are better than others for side effects.

I also had prolactin levels checked on one of my blood tests, but it wasn’t high!

I’m a girl. :wink:


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Vacuum pump?? Shock wave therapy??
:neutral_face: :confused: how…how that works?

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She’ll be happy


Risperdal consta takes about 6 months to wear off female. Does do a bad case of frigid, little bit lactation and menstrual stoppage. She probably won’t get pregnant on this stuff…

County clinic started to gouge the prices on this and could not afford it – like unexpected bill for 25% of your monthly income at sliding fee. Did not relieve the voices anyway. Could only get shots like 9:30-11am and 1-2:30 pm. Had to wait in line for 90 minutes if first in line…I am not a lab rat by profession and I work…Tried other drugs instead & stick to pills…Now using private psych at full price so no way to do shots.

Male friend on risperdal consta could no longer masturbate.

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take care :alien:

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How long does it take to wear off risperdal consta injections for men ?

I’m on Risperdal Consta and I can’t masturbate, or orgasm with a partner, except on rare occasions. This stuff is wicked that way.

I have no idea what my prolactin level is. I’ll get it drawn next time I go in. I know it tends to be high.

I’ve searched and searched the internet but there are absolutely nothing on this subject sigh. …

Spedra did wonders for me when I was on Risperidone.