How do you handle problems? Does your sz affect this?

When I encounter a problem- sometimes even a minute one- I initially panic. I can’t think straight and I’m like a child lost at the grocery store looking for her mother. I seek help. Once some time has passed and I’ve calmed down, I’m able to think rationally and can think my way through things. At this point, I can work through even the most complex problem, and I am very determined. I find I spend a lot of time planning and researching to overcome problems. It helps.

How do you handle problems? What is your initial reaction when you encounter an issue? How do you solve it? Do you think you sz/sza affects your reaction?

I am totally helpless.

I sometimes have trouble making decisions. Like @Happy_Heather I panic at first. Stressful situations add to the anxiety and decision making problems.

I need a lot of time to ‘prepare myself’.

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It depends on my problem. But I try to rationally talk myself through it. But a lot of times I end up panicking and on high alert.

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I used to be full of anger and would have outbursts. I wouldn’t think about it until after it was said and done. At that point I felt like I had to apologize for everything.

Now when I encounter a problem I’ll step back for a second and think about it without getting mad. If I do get mad, I try and focus the aggression into something positive.


Depends on the problem but most of the time I get angry and hold it all in until I can’t no more and burst!

I definitely have trouble coping with anxiety sometimes. I ruminate over everything and HAVE to find logic that makes me feel like “ok so that problem is solved” and even when that’s done I don’t even feel completely at ease which is the biggest bummer.

I also don’t have myself in many stressful situations because I only kick it with a friend of mine every month and aside from that I barely leave my parents house that I live in now. So I really don’t have much stress but it’s also not exercising my ability to rationalize well so I guess I should step it up a bit. I’m on klonopin which helps but what’s annoying about that is I’m now dependent on it if I don’t take a sliver of a pill just so my body doesn’t go into withdrawals so the day I have to get off of it is gunna be the start of a rough month. But yea I don’t know any good recommendations on how to improve that panic feelin. I know exactly what you mean tho it’s like the initial response when you can’t even think and ur whole body tenses up and you feel like ur on a roller coaster!

I say “how would the best version of myself handle this” then proceed that way…

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