how do you guys deal with loneliness

Meds help me and Internet

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Welcome to the forum!

I rather be by myself than around people I’m uncomfortable around.
It can be unbearable to be around some people.

I have family i can’t stand to be around.too uncomfortable.

I rather be by myself than with them.
They have a get together every sunday but i don’t go because I’m too uncomfortable around them unfortunately.I feel like they suppress me n look down at me as loser etc.

I rather be with people who appreciate me n love me n respect me n who I’m comfortable with.

I don’t have friends as such so I’m alone with my dog all the time.

My dog is old now.I’ll be a mess if he goes before me.
I’ll adopt a new dog asap.

My dog helps me not feel so lonely.

I’m always alone with my dog.
I don’t socialise with people.

I had a boyfriend I saw weekends but we broke up so I’m by myself weekends now.or with my dog.

I have difficulties making friends because i don’t work.
People want to be friends with people who work….
Not people on disability pension.

I watch YouTube and Netflix all day.
On a good day I can read a few pages.

I think I was comfort eating and drinking and put on a lot of weight so have to eat less n drink less now.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us

I made friends with other mentally ill people I met while in different group therapies. I need friends in my life. I don’t handle loneliness well.

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