How do you get through it when you are on edge?

Well, I can’t say on this site.

When im being an irresponsible twat, Drink.

But 5mg Diazapam Usually - I literally get 7 days worth to last a few months - and thats with the nice doctor. So i make them last - cos i know i havent got a hope in hell in getting them for a long time lol.

I do something relaxing like listening to music or reading or talking with my husband over coffee. Or getting my back scratched by him :blush:

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Meditate. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes if you can. Keep them open if you can’t. Of course blink as needed. Focus on your breathing. Force out any thoughts, and thoughts at all. If you can only go a second or two before a new thought enters, start over. It’s okay if you can only go seconds at a time with a clear mind. Practice practice practice! Practice sober, practice if you drink or whatever, and practice as you feel yourself slipping. Even when I’m in full blown psychosis, meditation helps.

I have a milky coffee. Reading a book. Getting a good sleep. These things keep me happy

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Fresh air helps. Do a hobby, get distracted.

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