How do you get in control of your life when voices give you grief about everything

how do you get in control of your life

For me, I’m trying medications. Which are not working very well for me. So I wish I knew.

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You don’t wait for voices to stop. You do stuff despite the voices.


This is without a doubt one of the best pieces of advice that could be given.


It’s hard to not believe the voices. You have to fight them though. I see and hear a demon and earlier in the week he told me something that was really hard to hear. Basically I’m getting my boyfriend a gift for the bedroom for Valentine’s Day. The demon said “you’re spending all of this money and he’s just going to laugh at you. You should take all of your Toprol(blood pressure meds) to avoid that humiliation.” This was really hard but my therapist got me an emergency appointment with my pdoc who raised my Latuda. You just have to keep fighting until you find a treatment that works. :sunny:

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Try some positive talkback to yourself.

When the voices start criticising you, say “Stop! I am in control of my life! I don’t care what you say!”

Keep doing it, say whatever works for you. I’m currently using this method to challenge my delusions. It’s working. It’s hard work, but it’s working.

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