How do you get germs out of your dish rag

Usually after I wash my dishes I pour boiling water on my dishrag to sanitize it. What do you do? Is there a better way to sanitize your rag?

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I use sponges and dry them off after every use so they stay good for awhile. If they get gross I throw them out and get a new sponge.


I throw my dirty dish rags in my dirty clothes hamper so they can go in the washing machine with laundry soap.

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I use chlorine.

Get them wet and microwave on high for a minute.

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The secret is not using a dish rag… :slight_smile: Those are germ magnets.

Sponges aren’t that much better, but they stay a little cleaner for longer. Just gotta let them dry out between uses. Rinse your dishes and whatnot as much as possible before using the sponge, wash your dishes with the sponge, then after using the sponge, fold it in half and scrub it against itself with dish soap, then rinse, and dry!

That’s what I do, anyway. The sponges last a good amount of time. I replace them when they start to wear out or if they seem extra yucky.

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I use those green scratchy pads. They seem to not get too greasy or dirty. Easy to just rinse under the tap.

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