How do you find a caring person?

besides the professionals in our lives like social workers and the like, how do you find a caring person when you have sz?

anybody have success at it here?


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Are you looking for a therapist, a casual buddy or is this a rhetorical question?

Do you mean like a relationship…friends and/or GF/BF?

Pray, that’s all I can say. "Looking’ never seemed to work for me. I left it up to God to arrange circumstances for me to meet people who cared.

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I have few friends, but the ones I do have I would consider to be very caring people. One was a guy I was “witnessing” to lol. Against his outside demenour, he was quite ready with all the confidence and knowlege, and was more extroverted than I thought he’d be. Other friends were friends that he had met at random locations at random times. In fact, one was at a homeless shelter he wound up in after a psychotic break. The fact that he’s gone through mental issues made him a really good friend, because he understood psychiatry really well. And I was honest and open to discussion which is what he wasn’t used to. It’s all random. In my case it hurt like hell every time I made a new friend, but because of the situations, they came to know me for who I was. Join a group. Start a conversation at a coffee house… Or even on a board like this online. People are described to be cold and cruel a lot of the time, but I’ve found that there are a lot more people who really do care than is thought to be.


if you want to find a caring person volunteer at a homeless shelter or a hospital. but in the dating sense watch what people do not what they say oh and how they react to your dog and how your dog reacts to them one of my exes used to be all in his mums dogs face and taunting it he was a bad egg.

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Other sz’s are caring people because they can identify with your problems. You need to consider what you have the right to expect from others. They have problems of their own.