How do you fight the urge to push people away?

When I’m not feeling well, I feel like pushing people away. It’s almost as if I’m being told by someone that I don’t deserve to have anyone who cares about me, and I feel the urge to push away anyonewho tries.
And as soon as I step outside my apartment, all I want to do is go back inside and hide there.

I fight that feeling as much as I can, but sometimes I end up self-sabotaging relationships after all.
I know it’s just the illness trying to win over me, as one of the main ‘voices’ hates me and wants me to be miserable, but I sometimes have a hard time remembering that.

How do you guys cope with that feeling? How do you keep yourself from pushing people away?

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I have no solusion. I just wanted to say I do the same when I am ill. I don’t want to have people around and isolate.

I have a very strong compulsion to push people away. Much of the time I can’t really fight it. The compulsion wins.

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Mostly a abandonment issue with me. Dealing with my abandonment issues (which is only the last few months) has helped a bit.