How do you fight back

People are telling me who I am based on intrusive thoughts, How do I fight back and tell them I am none of these things. I am not a racist, pervert, immoral.

I feel ill sometimes based on people picking on me, I don’t want my life to end feeling this way. It is a little overwhelming.

I have the same things as you, but don’t fight back cause it just thought broadcasting from schizophrenia and pretty common too

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I wish it were sz. not real, people tell me I will be ok and others not, I see images in my mind that I don’t want others to see because they are intrusive hence all the names people call me, I wish they would leave me alone, if I were more fiesty maybe they won’t attack me all the time, I feel like I have to stand up for myself

I was surprised how messed up my mind really was when I got better. I was especially shocked how racist I truly was when I first moved to an apartment in the inner city and was about the only white person there. There may be more to it then you think but relax and realize that no one will know how messed up your mind is if you don’t act on those thoughts, or tell them about it. No one can truly read your mind. It just seems like it. By the way after almost 5 years at that apartment my mind almost quit saying the n-word altogether.

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“No one can truly read your mind”
Thanks @Blizzard I hope so.

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