How do you feel when others interact with your voices?

Yesterday I had a friend ask me what my voices were saying, because I made a comment about having 7 people with different opinions in my head.

I then proceeded to list each of their opinions, and he commented on them. It felt weird.
Sometimes in group therapy, the leader will ask us what our voices are saying or what their opinions are.

I feel a bit silly tbh. I guess I’m scared people will think I’m making it up.
How do you feel when that happens?

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Really? No takers?

I try to not give the voices a forum anymore. I used to think they gave me some insight into my psyche, but now I look at them as simply hallucinations. But I have very negative and destructive voices so it’s in my best interest to not listen to them. I just got sick of hearing what a piece of shiit I am.

I’ve never given them the opportunity to speak to someone else by telling someone what they were saying. So I guess the answer is it has never happened. I blame all my stuff on two voices… the nice one and the mean one. I don’t care anymore how many of each there are, I’m lumping them together. I have to separate the two so I don’t get mad at the nice one by holding it responsible for the actions of the mean one. It’s a hot mess!

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