How do you feel about visits with family?

I read an article which said that people with MI can get stressed out when siblings come home.

My brother and sister visited this month.

It stressed me out!

I’ll go out on a limb and say that even people who haven’t got MI may have a hard time with those visits, especially when the house is full of relatives.

Additionally, like with my dad, relatives may be insensitive…or even in denial that you are mentally ill.

Normal healthy people are competing in the economy…etc. So, I feel, there can be a callousness and arrogance, even without grandiosity.

If people are angry or arguing, it makes me sad.

Another reason which causes stress for me, I think, is that siblings (or other relatives) may have reached levels of life achievement I haven’t, and that can remind me that I’m not doing as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

To become jealous of my siblings is a source of stress!

Because of my deficits in social cognition, I can find it hard to talk to people, because I simply struggle to read facial expressions.

Or other subtle gestures, like different expressions, inflections or tones of voice.

I also think, whenever I percieve an “intruder” in the house, it can make me more paranoid.

TLDR: Do you experience this; how do you get through it?


I find visits with extended family pretty stressful. But with my Mum and Dad I am ok. Actually I find they are the easiest people to get on with that I know.


It depends on who I’m seeing. One sister is good, another is stressful. One parent is good, another is stressful. Most extended family stresses me out.


I see my little nieces once a week and I always try to act upbeat when they’re here and entertain them. If I don’t do a good job of that ,then that stresses me out.

Extended family gatherings also stress me out.


Yup. If the visit lasts for more than a day or two I get stressed


My family is successful. They have wealth, big houses, great jobs, and take elaborate vacations. Their kids go to camp and have all sorts of sport activities. We live in a two bedroom apartment. We can’t afford sports or vacations. I understand you.


I don’t like them unless certain family members aren’t there then they are a whole lot better but still not ideal


When its just visits with my brother or sister, i enjoy the visit muchly. But family gatherings stress me out, usually skip those.


I have a small family because a lot of people died, and a lot of people in my family live out of state. My whole family makes me very paranoid every single time I am around them, so, being around them (usually around holidays), is always very stressful to me.


I have a big family gathering coming up soon, and I’m very stressed about it. It’s at my house, so that helps a little. I wish my whole family knew of my illness, I think that would take some of the tension away – rather than them wondering why I have no job or girlfriend, and still live with my parents. I hate talking about “how I’ve been”.


I usually have difficulties with family gatherings .

I feel uncomfortable around my brother and sister or it’s not a relaxed relationship.
My mum (not their mum) said it’s because they don’t respect me.
They seem to think they are higher rank or something and that I should salute them because I don’t work despite that I am the oldest.
I don’t believe in saluting for me.its against my belief system.

They have husband/wife.the sister is everything my father ever wanted and now she is going to give him a grandchild and he always said I should never have children but ofcourse she is good enough to breed in his opinion.

I don’t feel comfortable around my family a lot of the time.
It does depend who but sometimes I don’t even feel comfortable around my closest and I have had paranoia and delusions about them but don’t anymore.

I even thought that my family was not my family at one point.

I love them though.

Last year I met my cousin from Sweden and her husband and I love :two_hearts: them and they are so lovely and it was so nice to meet them.
Not saying I was super relaxed but it was still nice to meet them and I even laughed when we watched tv together except they didn’t laugh and it wasn’t a comedy.:open_mouth:

I am living with my former stepmom who is the other woman that raised me and she gave me a car and has helped me and I feel a little uncomfortable meeting her family sometimes and that if they don’t think she should be helping me so much as she does and that some of them may not like me or have army like views I don’t agree with.
There was recently a party and I avoided going but may then of been seen as rude.
I love them and love seeing them around but still feel uncomfortable around them.

I hope my relationship with my brothers and sister will get better and more relaxed.

One of my brothers pays me to walk his dogs which is why I feel I can afford to go to the gym.he really helped me out with that.

I usually say no to most family dinners.

I was with my sister and dad the other day and had to leave early.
She calls him dad and I don’t and she is everything he ever wanted and I’m everything he did not want lol but I’ve had delusions about him and did not believe he was my real father etc and then them being so close and him saying I should never have children but wanting her to have children and he told his x she is the only child he wants .
I don’t know I just was t relaxed and feeling well so I had to tell them I had to leave.
She said I looked good so could t be seen on the outside but I wasn’t feeling great so although my father was visiting from interstate I only ate pancakes then left immediately after .

I love them but it could feel complicated.

I do avoid get togethers.

But I do love them.

I get physical symptoms and fit like things when I am among people forced to hold conversation yet mute etc


My sister is still here, it’s better actually, we don’t fight and she’s really nice.

My sister left. I took Seroquel because I got sad.

I love seeing my family.

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They’re ok , unless there’s a non family member there as well .

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