How do you feel about the color red?

When I was a kid, it was my favorite color. But I don’t like it anymore.

I like it, its the color of blood and roses.
My favorite color is green, nature.

Red, it is the color of the heart. Of passion.

I prefer nature colours too. I don’t like red.

i think of either blood and gore

or passion as it is known for

im just meh with that colour

Yellow is my favourite colour.
It’s sharp, spiritual, wise, energetic


I used to have red bedroom walls, by my own choice. I think it’s a powerful colour

I feel similar because when I was a kid all the way up to my psychosis green was always my favorite colour. But after that I always preferred blues and purples to green.

Depends what kind of red. But generally it makes me think of passion. A very warm colour. I have my mood light set to red most of the time because it makes me sleep better.
If you’re asking if I like it then yes I do.

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Yellow is one of the only colours I don’t like wearing. I just feel like everyone’s watching me (in a bad way).

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i don’t like bright red. but i like darker hues on the red scale. my favorite being dark sweet cherry i call it.

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My red phone arrived today.
It must mean something that I bought a red iPhone.

I generally like more soothing colors such a lilac or lavender or light yellow.

Hmmm…I just ordered some fabric face masks in light lilac and light blue. Perhaps that will sooth me when I go grocery shopping? :thinking:

I like red but prefer purple (my fav) and teal blue and green.

To me red is strong and powerful and passionate. I admire those traits in others as I lack them.

It’s still my favorite color

I don’t like bright colors especially bright red. I prefer dark red.

It is the most sensual of colors. Nothing beats a woman in a red dress :stuck_out_tongue:

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