How do you explain psychosis to people?

Pretty much me off of my meds…


Well a friend asked me why I did something, not too long ago. I said “I don’t know why anyone who knows I have schizophrenia, even asks why any longer. I don’t even know sometimes, bro.”


The most important thing is for “you” to comprehend the situation. You are the one who can come up with how to deal with it, not someone who has’nt walked a mile in your shoes.

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I think I’ve reached the depths of being out of touch with reality, at certain points. Because that crap is probably not comprehensible at all. But at least I can understand the stuff that is.

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I understand where you are coming from about it not being comprehendable. Maybe i’m on a mood upswing on the idea of policing my thoughts for better functioning and brain enhancement, mindfulness, yaadaayaadaa… The point is, no matter what, you hold the key, know one knows you better than you.

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But that is also good to take friends point of view into perspective and ya this illness is one of the toughest out there, but there is always hope.

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Personally I don’t keep it that much of a secret, but thats for each to decide for himself obviously. Yet in my experience, there could come something positive out of disclosing. I agree with you that to educate the masses, while important, is not our job, for the individual schizophrenic, there are more important things than this ‘mission’. So certainly no need to go about telling just anyone. Yet, I feel that my relationships with friends I disclosed to have actually improved, or deepened in a sense, by disclosing. It feels good to me that people I care about and who care about me, are aware of issues I might struggle with, can offer support when needed, etc. Disclosing to friends has been a relief for me. In doing so, I have often found people opening up about things they struggle with themselves to me. I can’t really argue for it, but sharing not only the positives but also the struggles in life, feels to me to be an important ingredient in a friendship, and doing so can really strengthen that friendship. So I don’t think only bad things can come out of it - that doesn’t make the decision any easier of course, it can still feel as a leap of faith.

if you can be open about it. You could say have you seen the film a beautiful mind.

I don’t tell people about it. The stigma is too high. I’m not ready to break the stigma on my own.