How do you entertain a baby?

Because I feel like a bored baby, myself. Lying in a crib, nothing to do, no ability, no concept of a solution. It must have been where dreams of heaven began.

Babies like to watch things move around above them. Maybe you should get outside and lie on the grass watching the clouds? :slight_smile:


It’s raining. Fussy babies are a fact of life. I’d stick my thumb in my mouth but I was taught not to and pretending mother is around telling me to get my thumb out of my mouth is a way of coping. Poverty at its finest.

You know what i did a couple days ago after discussing some stressful stuff and getting frustrated? I sat back, looked up a bunch of nature pictures, mainly waterfalls and tall trees, and imagined being there - placing myself in those places, imaginatively.

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Turning on the tunes and dancing like an idiot always makes me feel a little bit better. I honestly turn my psychosis against itself when I do this because I pretend I’m the best dancer/singer/everythinger in the world. Lol. I’m pretty sure my neighbors hate me.

MAKE yourself do something that’s positive. If you were a parent, you would focus on playing constructive and educational games with your child right? Turn your coping mechanism into a growing mechanism.