How do You eat?

I’ve seen that I rarely eat healthy lately, I barely eat cook food. I know that I need to eat healthier so I can be more healthy, psychically and mentally
Do you eat healthy?


I like pasta… i eat fruit too…!!!


When I’m depressed I hardly eat. I don’t eat red meat cholesterol and triglycerides were high. Just chicken fish shrimp not much. Vegetables fruit.


Depends. Because of my undiagnosed condition, I have an array of gastrointestinal problems. If I am able to digest fairly well, I eat solid food, like spaghetti, rice, noodles, etc…
But if I don’t eat well, I stick to liquids. My father bought a dried vegetable meal mix, so I mix it with milk or water and drink it as a meal.
I have multiple allergies so I have to be careful because I would develop rashes right away.

I’ve been able to digest solid food lately so hooray!!
Wishing you all happiness and hope.

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I eat a lot of junk. :frowning: But I’m trying to balance it out with healthy foods and slowly work my way towards cutting it out except for rare occasions.

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Why is sushi so nice

Does anyone know

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I am drinking warm milk right now cuz i like IT. . Hahaha. .

As cheap as possible. Just bread with the cheapest cold cuts and maybe cheese. I know really not that good but I do not like to cook.

I wish I knew but sushi is so. good.
I love sushi. I always crave sushi, even when I cannot digest. It’s a big temptation to me. I often dream about it too xD

The senior community where I lived used to feed me every day at breakfast and dinner and they used to serve five course meals with dessert and very reasonable portion sizes. Now that I live alone in a regular apartment, I am responsible for my own meals and I try to pattern my meals after the senior community’s meals with a dinner comprised of a vegetable, a protein, a starch, bread and a salad. I also allow myself one to two desserts a day. And I still continue to count all of my calories.

I don’t eat healthy at all…

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