How do you determine you need to up your dose?

For those of you that ask to have it adjusted up what factors do you consider in making that request?

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Usually when I have auditory hallucinations I ask to up my dose of seroquel. I have been on it now for over 10 years, and I am at the highest medicinal dose of 800 mg. So if I start having symptoms in the future I will probably have to add a new antipsychotic.

My brother has determined for years how much of which medication he needs; however, sometimes increasing the dose doesn’t alleviate the symptoms. If upping the dose doesn’t alleviate symptoms, then the best you can do is determine what is the optimal amount you can take and start looking at something else might work better.

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If the symptoms come roaring back you probably need to change meds because it’s either not working for you anymore or you’ve developed a tolerance. if you are taking it for the first time and are started on a low dose that doesn’t work for you then look into raising it.