How do you define compassion?

What is compassion, and what are things you do that you feel is compassionate?

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It’s an extension from empathy maybe. I feel like it’s putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and emanating a ton of love simultaneously.

But its easier to give an example

For example

In IOP we talk about our problems…that’s the point. There’s this one girl who has had a difficult time that if you talk about your own problems she tries to make you feel shitty about yourself for daring to share your problems in the same room as her. Instead of saying “WHATS HER ■■■■■■■ DEAL” you say “Oh damn shes had it really tough, no wonder why she has that mentality. Heres a hug. I wish she could recover”…That’s compassion to me. That said, I don’t like her…but I have compassion for why that she’s had it tough and that’s why her mentality is the way it is…and I hope she recovers. So she doesn’t have to mope around all day like she’s had the toughest time in the history of the universe. Because I’ve been in her exact shoes before and know when you hit rock bottom you think your struggles are unprecedented in the history of mankind. And then you recover and realize everyone has it tough and you’re practically no different than anyone else.


A description of empathy vs compassion one of my ex’s told me once she was a ex nurse off on compo for back injuries.

If someone’s drowning in the water.

Compassion’s throwing them a rope.

Empathy’s throwing yourself in the water with them.


So which is better? Throwing them a rope or getting into the water?

Do you remember your life saving classes? Someone panics when drowning they try to push you underwater and you drown.

Empathy can be toxic.

Compassion is a strength.


Compassion is an act of concious decision. You only have it if you decide to have it. Its when you lay down everything that matters to you…in purpose of doing good for the person and with that to the universe.


compassion is the concern for other people’s long-term happiness.

A man walks up to you in a Walmart parking lot and asks for $5 for a sandwich:

compassion: why are you homeless?
man: I’ve fallen on some tough times
compassion: you smell like alcohol. have you been drinking?
man: yes
compassion: let me look on my phone for the nearest aa meeting tonight

empathy: it’s just not right that one or two bad breaks can make you homeless
man: i’ve been homeless for two years
empathy: two years? man you must feel like nobody cares about you

kindness: how are you doing today?
man: I’m starving. I haven’t eaten in three days
kindness: I’m going to go into Walmart and buy you a sandwich
man: thanks
kindness: i bought you a sandwich. actually i bought you two sandwiches. have a nice day.


I am not sure I know what compassion is. I am able to rationally understand when others need help (be it material help or emotional help) but I don’t feel anything special.
Actually, I have had trouble feeling pity or love all my life. I haven’t had trouble feeling sad or disappointed or frustrated, though. Maybe some of my current negative symptoms have always been with me, I just wasn’t paying attention too much.

I am not content with my current emotional life and I am not sure how to improve it.


We need to go easy with ourselves. We shouldn’t criticize or judge ourselves. Emotions are part of being human, so let’s not overly focus on just some of our emotions.

You’re a good guy, @Andrey .


compassion is concern for another person and their struggles.


Compassion is when you put your pet down because he’s suffering.

I know this is sad, but that’s how I’ve heard it used

Thanks man, you are a good guy yourself :wink:

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I’ve had problems with some of my emotions ever since I got ill. I’m sure it’s the negative symptoms. Love is a big one. It also varies from day to day how bad it is. some days, I barely feel anything at all.

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Compassion is concern for others. The great Buddha says “Let us not argue about God and Soul. Let us have compassion.”


I think without god you will have too many problems to have time for compassion or a solution for… but I’m agree that god is not sth to argue about infinitely as it is in my country,

putting yourself in the situation of someone else and seeing how you would feel in that situation thus being able to relate and give a helping hand to that person in their time of need and struggle.

I think empathy on the other hand is feeling their pain and struggle.

Being willing to actually provide assistance to someone in need of help.
I donate money to worthy causes and I volunteer my time.

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