How do you define an artist?


Just wondering :slight_smile:


I’m not an artist but here’s my definition of one:

Someone who earns a living as an artist can be considered an artist. A mere love of it is like a love of jet planes.The love doesn’t make you a pilot. Making model planes don’t make you a pilot - the same with art. Good intentions don’t cut it. Being able to consistently get work is a sign of your skill and usefulness as an artist. Anyone can compliment you but when they begin writing cheques, then you’ve entered the same field that the old masters inhabited…art as a way of making a steady living. Everything else is no more than an amusing story.


someone who sees beauty, and communicates that vision.
usually the question, in the philosophy boks, is what is art.
That can go all over the place. My favorite answer was by a musician friend of mine,
who clearly had thought through the philosophical question long before he causully blurted it out, he said art is communcation, in his case between the jazz player on stage and the audience. so the artist is the one communicating, and there has to be someone, for me it can even be an imaginary someone, but i can’t write without having some idea in my head of who i’m writing to, 'cause i tend to easily develop the delusion that everyone knows and sees exactly what i do. So as soon as I read someone sees something differently, then I launch into writing, to communicate a vision. Like a teacher, who learns all kinds of things so that he or she can teach them, an artist gathers beauty into their self and then presents it. I like to say consciousness is a work of art, and each day you try again, you learn over time what works and what doesn’t, and that’s why people eat the diets they do, do the exercise routines they do, the spiritual practices they do, hang around the people they do, go to bed and get up at the times they do, etc, 'cause consciousness is a work of art, and you throw different things at it and see what you get, and you try it again tomorrow, and that’s why the older you get the better the work of art that is the consciousness gets. So each of us is an artist, on his or her own path, all of us leading to the same place, the universe. I have a contract with the universe, to lead the universe closer to the universe by means of the universe. This all from a rambling philosopher who doesn’t pay much attention to culture, where maybe the answer would be someone who’s paid profession is to create paintings or music or writing that the powers that be within society deem to be acceptable as art. In that case, my consciousness wouldn’t count.


One does not simply “define” the artist… honestly it’s whatever you believe it to be. I’ve watched the actors critique art on Velvet Buzzsaw and I gotta say it’s probably just whatever meaning you give it.


a cobler is someone who makes shoes
a construction worker builds houses
and an artist makes art (poems, paintings, music etc.)


An artist - (official definition)


we could get more technical ofcourse lol

martial artists…
some people say their work is like an art (e.g. a cobler or construction worker could say this)…
you could ask what is “art”…

i dont have the brain power ATM :stuck_out_tongue: