How do you deal with voices?

Haha. I guess you’re stuck :grinning:

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They said just listen to us, so I let them take over my mind, their nice to me if I’m nice to them and others, I think the best way of handling voices is to acknowledge them, see what they want and try to reason with them. Pay attention to any visions , be sorry for any wrongdoing, be positive and don’t put yourself in a dark place. Instead fill yourself with peaceful light, be humble to them and kind. And slowly but surely your inner world will become a world of positive thoughts and emotions. You are what you think, having become what you have thought. Think good thoughts, that’s what I do.

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Idk I’ve actively listened to them before. Afterwards I kept feeling strong presences in the room. I also felt more in touch with my schizophrenic self maybe more humble. One time at my sisters I did the same and it took a little bit to recover and made things in the real world harder to deal with. I’m just not sure if I should try to listen to them. I could see how listening might escalate things. But it doesn’t feel natural to sit and listen to them. It takes effort and then it just ■■■■■ me up.

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No. I have found that the more I try to focus on my voices, the sicker I become.


Thanks for more confirmation. I seem to experience that too.

I find listening to my voices gets me very agitated and sucked into the psychosis. When I am doing well I am able to ignore them and tell myself it’s just psychosis. They can be very very enticing/provoking though so at times it is highly difficult.

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Sometimes I really just have to yell at them to get them to shut up. Other times, headphones and loud music helps to somewhat block them out.

I’ve made allies of them and enjoy listening sometimes I use distraction techniques.

i can sometimes ignore them because they are part of my psychosis but sometimes they are too distinct to ignore.
like, if i focus even a little bit on them it becomes way too unsettling and i start assigning too much reality to them. i handle them by ignoring them i guess but sometimes i wonder how much i really am able to ignore them

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I do listen to them. I take them quite seriously

Well not always.

Eg last time I got Ill,

When I started to get really scared, I started to question it all and the thought of antipsychotics became more prominent.

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