How do you deal with people who are telling you to stop your meds?

my best friend and an ex are saying me this. this best friend is schizo and i dont even know how she manages to have a life… she has positive sz and she feels fine. i am jealous…:confused: but i hate when they tell me to stop my meds…

That sucks big time. I went off meds and was ‘fine’ for 2 years, then got hospitalised. Maybe the same will happen to your sz friend.

I don’t argue with them, usually just say it is my decision to take them. Don’t go into details on why or debate if they telling me to quit my meds is okay or not. Because its not.

yes, maybe. she lives from crisis to crisis. i have more soft sz from a psy point view but its really chronically painfull…

You’ve had a psychosis but you are still you - if you stop taking your meds you’ll probably have another psychosis - talk is cheap so let your friends advice go in one ear and out the other - if she is sz and not taking meds then she’s probably not in a position to tell you how to manage your own illness.

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I will question whether I need to be on meds from time to time - maybe this is wrong of me.

Other people, including my pdoc will remind me that I need to be on meds.

No one is telling me to stop taking my meds, if they did, I would ignore them.

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the problem is that i still dont feel fine. i feel like ■■■■…and about my personnality-i am too afraid to have one :confused: but its just 7th day on haldol,i should be patient i suppose

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i am hiding from the neighbours guys,i wanna cry,i dont believe in recovery anymore… :cry:

Listen to your doctors and work with them not against them. You’ll be OK once the Haldol starts working - and if the Haldol doesn’t suit you then you can discuss this further down the line with your doctors. It sounds like early days - be brave and strong and TAKE YOUR MEDS.

It’s been a while since anyone has suggested I go off my meds…

I do have one “know it all” aunt who talks way more then she listens… but she’s easy to ignore…

everyone else who matters in my life remembers me when I wasn’t on meds… and sees how I’m doing now…

It’s hard to say on the meds when your feeling better and people in your life don’t understand. But it’s a personal thing… if people start hounding you… you just have to stand your ground… sometimes I explain what my meds actually do… other times I just have to nod and walk away.

You don’t have to tell people your taking your meds… it’s a very personal thing.

Good luck.

thanks user but i count on haldol really. ive tried almost every ap on the market…

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I ignore them. I don’t take them seriously. My recovery is the utmost importance.

My in-laws and brother tell me i shouldn’t be on so much meds. I try to ignore them they are not me. They believe hard work will cure me.